Sunday, November 20, 2011

What got slapped 12 months ago 11/21/10

Another week starts and so here is my reslap of what we were doing 12 months ago. This is a great opportunity to remind yourself of what was happening in the world one year ago. You can also see how funny we used to be, compared to the drivel we publish now. Here is the link for the entire archive.

Turkey breast chili and Buble
Turkey, Breast, Chili and Bublé
This time last year, Brad was bashing Glee, Tim McGraw, Black Eyed Peas, Bryan Adams and Soulja Boy in his New Release post. Meanwhile, Ian was wishing everybody a Happy Turkey Day.

Ex-Penguin Slapper, Jack was busy telling everbody, 'I Bubes' a post about Canadian singer Michael Bublé, as well as making fun of Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings all in the same week.

The biggest story of the week, however, was all about the TSA and how they were 'handling' airport security.

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