Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Twilight Zone - Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is possibly the most experienced actress out of the 3 lead characters in the Twilight Saga, with more then 20 movies already under her belt. This is no mean feat considering she is only 21 years old.
Kristen Stewart
KStew, KiKi, Kris, That Twilight Chick
Kristen started her movie career way back in the 20th century in a couple of uncredited roles before playing Jodie Foster's daughter, Sarah, in the 2002 movie 'Panic Room'. She was very impressive as a scared young girl hiding out with her mom in a steel room trying to evade some nasty types that broke into their house. The bad guys were actually cyborgs sent from the future looking for John Connor, but ended up in the wrong movie thanks to a case of mistaken identity.
Kristen Stewart looked like Edward Furlong back in the day
Kristen Stewart in Panic Room - Edward Furlong in Terminator 2
Somewhere after Panic Room came a dozen or so movies and then in 2008 she was cast in the role of Bella Swan in Twilight. This was a colossal mistake by the casting director who failed to notice a glaringly obvious flaw. Bella Swan is clearly documented as having brown eyes and Kristen has green eyes, so she had to wear brown contact lenses for the duration of the filming.

The unexpected and unwarranted success of Twilight launched Kristen into the realms of superstardom, and movie offers came flooding in, including the sequal and trequal(?) to Twilight. She also took on the role of Joan Jett in the movie 'The Runaways' which was about some girl band from the 70's, and got to make out with Dakota Fanning.
Kristen looks good as Joan Jett
Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett
Lucky Kristen has also kissed both of her Twilight co-stars making many Team Edward and Team Jacob fans both angry and jealous.
Robert Pattinson about to get a free feel
"Sorry Kris, Taylor's are bigger"
What does the future hold for K-Patz (yes she is romantically linked to R-Patz, Robert Pattinson)? She is currently on the set of her newest movie, Snow White and The Huntsmen. This is not going to be your typical Disney Snow White. Chris 'Thor' Hemsworth plays the huntsman charged with taking SW into the woods and cutting out her heart. No dwarfs or vampires feature in this movie.

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