Friday, May 17, 2013

Spot the Sex Tape Star

by +Tina Cruris

Would you like to play a game...?

The Saw doll looking to play a game
How about a nice game of spot the Sex Tape Star?
This is a simple game where I show you a picture of men with porn movie mustaches and you have to vote for whichever one of them you think is most likely to appear in a sex tape.

Famous men with porn staches
Which porn-stache has a story?

1. Ben Stiller - Comedic actor. Ben does not do a lot of straight (serious) roles. I don't know if he could make a sex tape without inserting some humor.

2. Glenn Hughes - Village person. Not sure if I want to see the sex tape that this guy would be in. He looks like he would hurt someone. 

3. The Edge - U2's guitarist. As an international music star, Dave 'The Edge' Evans could have a line of ladies wanting to be in a sex tape with him, if they could only see him behind Bono's ego.

4. Merv Hughes - Cricket Player. It's no secret that Merv likes the ladies, and the picture looks like he is ready to go.

5. Hulk Hogan - Wrestler and Actor. Hogan spent his wrestling career getting sweaty in the ring, grappling other men. I can't see it happening myself....

6. Jared Allen - Football Player. Jared wears the number 69 on his jersey. Coincidence? Ask the ladies from the Viking's Party Boat scandal in 2005.


Owen Wilson said...

Are you sure that picture 2 isn't Ben Stiller also? It sure looks a lot like him. Hairy and swarthy, black leather and chains...

That's defintely Ben Stiller.

Janene said...

Okay, I had to vote for Ben Stiller because I'm hoping he'd add some comedic relief to whatever porno he was in. The rest of the guys look downright creepy! Not sure I'd want to see them in any type of movie!

Tina Cruris - Slap the Penguin said...

Thanks Janene, I kind of envisaged a Meet the Parents scenario for Stiller's sex tape. And his name in that movie is Focker so it's perfect.

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