Sunday, November 20, 2011

i-voxt, the new i-phone voice texting app

There are over 1/2 million apps out there for the i-phone, so how does a single app stand out far enough from the crowd to be discussed by Slap the Penguin? Easy. Because the fact that it even exists is a sign that technology is making us lazy.
i-voxt, the new voice to text app for the i-phone
i-voxt, the new voice to text app
I am in favor of technology making our lives easier, but I have to draw the line at technology making us lazy. The whole idea behind texting was to avoid talking directly to somebody, for whatever reason. But now you don't even have to type your text message, you can speak it and the smartphone converts it to text and sends it.

So, we have gone from talking, to typing and back to talking again. I hope the autocorrect feature works better than the standard text messaging app on the i-phone, which occasionally replaces your own words with comical alternatives, just like in the example below from
Masturbating Cherries?
The i-voxt app even has a "TRNSL8" function which will convert your speech recognized words into commonly used "txtspk" to  make your texts appear more authentic. GR8.

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