Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Herman Cain : An Exposé

A woman has come forward claiming that she was Herman Cain's mistress for 13 years. Surprisingly, Herman Cain has denied the accusation, just as he denied all of the sexual harassment accusations that rematerialised after he announced his Presidential campaign.

Herman Cain - America's next black President?
Herman Cain looking like Presidential material
Herman Cain, was born Horman Cainy, but changed his name since it was an anagram of 'Horny Maniac' an unbefitting title for any future Presidential candidate. Little did he know how prophetic the wordplay would have become.

He probably wouldn't have made it as President since he is known as being a person who tended to exaggerate a lot.
Herman Cain says it's this big
Herman Says "It's This Big"
Herman Cain means it's this big
Herman Means "It's This Big"
The only honest thing we have seen from Herman Cain since he launched his uphill race for the Whitehouse is the range of emotion in the moments after his wife heard about the allegation that he had been cheating on her for 13 years.

Hermain Cain cycles through the feelings of a man caught cheating on his wife
"I hope she didn't see the news tonight", "Ooops, you saw the news then?",
"Man, why didn't I pay her more to keep quiet", "Hey big guy. A little help please"
Who is the mysterious woman who crippled the Pizza Guy's chance to become the most powerful man in the USA? Her name is Ginger White and we have an exclusive Ginger White pussy picture!

Ginger White pussy picture
Awww. A ginger white pussy picture
(We wouldn't sink that low)

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Anonymous said...

Herman Cain is out of the race! See ya' Cain, wouldn't wanna be ya'!

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