Sunday, November 20, 2011

New CD releases November 22nd 2011

As thanksgiving draws closer and the snowy season kicks off, the realisation that Easter will soon be upon us (according to the seasonal displays in my local Target store), makes me want to sit back and relax, and listen to some great music. Unfortunately I have to review these new releases first.

Rihanna - Talk That Talk
Rihanna was recently voted Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive for some reason and now she has a new CD out, vying for the elusive title of Greatest Singer Alive, an annual award bestowed by the auspicious publication, The Lower Manhattan Sheep and Pig Farmers Gazette. She is up against some tough competition, including Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Flossy the Ewe.

Taylor Swift - Speak Now World Tour Live
Talking of Taylor Swift, she has a Christmas Cash-in live CD+DVD out now. You too can now attend a Taylor Swift concert from the comfort of your own couch. Just simply play the DVD and have a 12 year old girl sit next to you and scream 'Taylor, I love you' in your ear. Make sure you sit way back from the TV too, to get the the most realistic, Section ZZ, Row 107 experience because all the good seats went during the dozen or so presale events.

Skold - Tonight
What would happen if Howard Jones (remember him from the 80's?) met Marilyn Manson and they somehow had a baby? This extreme notion seams somewhat feasible now that I have discovered Skold. Both visually and musically he delivers snippets of both 'parents' while maintaining his own synth driven industrial style. Surprisingly, Tim Sköld turns 45 this year and is actually 3 years older than Marilyn Manson. So much for my theory.

Michael Jackson - Immortal
Now that the trial is over and MJ's doctor was found guilty, we can all move on with our lives and exploit his legacy. This is a double disc of remixes spanning his entire career, from the Jackson 5 to hanging out with kids who are 5. Some of these tracks have been radically remixed and re-imagined and bear little resemblance to the original versions, probably for copyright reasons. Michael Jackson may be the 'Prince of Pop' but Elvis will always be the true King.

Breakin : Original Soundtrack
This one confused me. The movie was released in 1984, so it's not a milestone anniversary. So why choose this moment in time to re-release this hip-hop classic on CD? A CD which comes in a sexy digipak containing a movie poster to sweeten the deal. This disc is going to make many young children cringe as they watch their dads put their backs out while doing the worm, trying to relive their breakdancing youth. Incidentaly, this movie launched the career of a young rapper called Ice-T, who will soon be getting comfy in Regis Philbin's chair.

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