Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New CD releases for November 30th

Another short stack this week. Just as well because time is tight these days, especially on a short week like Thanksgiving week. Do enjoy the following introductions for these new releases, and remember to hover over the album art for purchase options and links to professional reviews.

Glee: The Music, Volume 4Glee Cast – Glee: The Music, Volume 4
The Glee phenomenon keeps on rolling like a big turd, being pushed by the giant dung beetle that is our inability to leave the past where it is.
Glee is just like going to a karaoke bar and seeing the same people sing every week, with the added bonus of guaranteed drama and a moral to boot.
So far they have resurrected songs from Madonna, Britney and Rocky Horror, but so far still no luck at resurrecting the 70's fashion failure that was the red Adidas tracksuit.

Number One HitsTim McGraw – Number One Hits
There seems to be a trend among country artists to release Greatest Hits compilations. The latest bandwagonner is Tim McGraw.
Generally speaking Tim McGraw's version of country is 'pop' free and harks back to the good old days. Intelligent lyrics, good music and he is married to Faith Hill. Life is good for Tim McGraw, especially since lots of people will be buying this. Woohoo, Free Money !!

The Beginning (Deluxe Edition)Black Eyed Peas – The Beginning, Fergie and the other 2 are back again with more of the same. The slightly backwards but otherwise ingeniously titled followup to The E.N.D is another collection of computer processed claptrap. The inventor of autotune should be slowly fricasseed as an accessory to the murder of music.
I don't know if they actually sit down to write these songs or just look things up on at the recording session, but rhyming klepto with pepto on track 4, Xoxoxo is abismol.

Bare Bones (Deluxe Edition)Bryan Adams – Bare Bones
Don't get me started on Canadian singers. The world and his dog knows the Slap The Penguin stance on Canadian singers.
Recorded on the road during the Bare Bones tour, this 20 track live disc looks like a greatest hits compilation, even though clever marketing avoids the use of the words greatest and hits anywhere on the packaging and in press releases. Those sneaky Canadians didn't fool us though.

The DeAndre WaySoulja Boy – The DeAndre Way
The word around town, I got bitches on my dick” say no more. This guy can't rap, can't sing and can't write. Even Ice-T stepped up and called his earlier music “garbage”.
Just like Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy found fame on youtube, posting videos of his music online.  Thanks to youtube, amateur musicians can now be found and promoted by amateur talent scouts and release amateur recordings.
Hey Soulja Boy, keep living The DeAndre Way and you will have itches on your dick.

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