Penguin Facts

You may have noticed that we have been publishing weekly facts regarding penguins. Here is an easy access archive so you can learn everything there is to know about our flightless friends. Click each link to discover more about our fabulous flightless friends. (do you think I used flightless friends too many times in this paragraph?)

Random Penguin Facts
  1. Penguins are born with two hearts, one of which is made of chocolate.
  2. All penguins have one leg longer than the other.
  3. The word penguin comes from the Welsh language.
  4. Penguins cannot fly, however they can levitate for short periods.
  5. Penguins have great hearing, but they are tone deaf.
  6. Penguins are notorious for attempting interspecies breeding.
  7. Penguins like to drink Guinness.
  8. Most penguins despise the Rubik's Cube.
  9. Penguins have been filmed having sex on countless occasions.
  10. Like humans, penguins identify each other by first names
  11. Prehistoric penguins were a tall as a man
  12. Some of the 17 species of penguin live in New Zealand.
  13. A Cleptarvian Penguinoid has 2 quantarcs.
  14. Penguins are incredible swimmers
  15. Some penguins can hold their breath for 20 minutes.
  16. Penguins eat fish equaling 15% of their body weight each day
  17. Macaroni penguins are so called because of their bright yellow plumes
  18. Penguins are physically unable to smile
  19. If you stood every penguin on the planet end to end the resulting tower would reach Mars.
  20. The average penguin lives for 15 years
  21. Penguins do not have August on their calendars
  22. Because of the weather, emperor penguin chicks are all born in July
  23. Penguins are immune to leprosy
  24. Penguins spend 75% of their life underwater, hunting for food
  25. A group of penguins is known as a parcel
  26. Baby penguins can't swim because they are not waterproof at birth
  27. Penguins have an irrational fear of the number 27
  28. It is physically impossible for a penguin to swim backwards
  29. Penguins have a built-in biological GPS system
  30. The penguins portrayed in the 2011 movie 'Mr. Popper's Penguins' were computer generated
  31. Penguins have no concept of timekeeping
  32. Penguins have developed the technology required for time travel
  33. Penguin guano is currently valued at $1.48 per pound
  34. Penguins don't usually drink beer
  35. Penguins have never been heard singing Hare Krishna
  36. Penguins are short sighted on land
  37. The penguin hierarchy is based on height
  38. Almost all penguins are color blind
  39. Penguins don't exhibit sexual dimorphism
  40. Fewer than 1 in 150,000 penguins are born with their colors reversed.
  41. Penguins do believe in Santa Claus
  42. Humans generally don't turn into penguins
  43. Penguins are neither left handed nor right handed
  44. The resin in penguin feathers is toxic to many animals
  45. Unhappy penguins are known to wander from the pack knowing they may freeze to death
  46. Penguins are regarded as the smartest of all flightless birds
  47. Penguins are better at weather forecasting than groundhogs
  48. Penguins used to be huge fans of the winter Olympics
  49. Genetically, penguin and chicken DNA differs by less than 1%
  50. There are a total of 17 species of penguin on the planet
  51. A penguin has never won an Academy Award
  52. The technical term for the sound of a penguin walking is fapping
  53. Penguins don't celebrate milestones
  54. Penguin organ donors have saved the lives of countless humans
  55. Many penguins have a strong dislike for onions
  56. Penguins are not known to experience Déjà vu
  57. Penguins are not known to experience Déjà vu
  58. Penguins are the only living bilingual bird
  59. In 1805, a penguin was almost elected Governor of Pennsylvania
  60. Penguins don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo
  61. It may not look like it, but penguins actually do have knees
  62. Penguins were mostly unemployed until 1964
  63. Most penguins are fans of comedy actor Vince Vaughn
  64. Penguins don't believe in any form of monarchy
  65. Penguins always celebrate Johnny Depp's birthday
  66. Penguins do not play soccer
  67. Penguins disagree that 'Orange Is The New Black'
  68. Penguins have proportionately short legs
  69. Penguins are strangely linked to the Taijitu symbol
  70. Penguins have webbed feet for propulsion and balance
  71. Penguins don't take vacations

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