Monday, January 25, 2021

The last 4 years

By Tina Cruris

Oh boy do I have some cobwebs in places that I had forgotten about; and boy, do you have your mind in the gutter today. I was obviously talking about my roll top writing desk, which is actually just a desk with a jelly roll sitting on it. Who actually writes - pen and paper writing - these days? I usually just dick hate into my phone and hope that the spellchecker picks up any grandma errors. 

Jelly Roll Crumbs
There was a jelly roll here a moment ago

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Mandalorian writers add time travel twist

By Brad Naylor

There are many reddits full of fan theories regarding Disney's latest SWU hit, The Mandalorian. One of the latest and least believable is that 'Baby Yoda' is actually baby Yoda. Confused? Keep reading and I will really mess with your mind...

mind your mess with your will I
mind your mess with will I really

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

You're fired!.... and we're back

By Ian C

Today is January 20th 2021 and I know that our headline is not unique, clever or even barely amusing, but it feels good to write it anyway. Who would have thought that what started off as a joke would end so miserably for so many people. At this moment I should point out that as a serious news reporting service we have no political affiliation, we merely report the news as it unfolds with an unbiased eye and a neutral and independent mind.

Marty Feldman Eyes
Has anyone given Marty Feldman Steve Buscemi eyes yet?

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