Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What got slapped 12 months ago 10/31/10

Wow, this time last year was great for stories, and it was really tough to pick a favorite. For the full list click here. Or if you are too lazy then just keep reading for a brief recap or as we call it a reslap. Just like the daily soaps have their rehash of old scenes montage to save having to pay a script writer, we have our rehash the old stories to save us having to actually write something.
Begin dream sequence - DIDDLY DEE, DIDDLY DEE, DIDDLY DEE.

Was it the snuggie review that caught my eye? Or the NASCAR improvements tale? I was chuckling while reliving both the Ricky Martin is Gay story and the advice I gave about Prince Charming. Actually my favorite story from 12 months ago was the Rolling Stone Keith Richards is a zombie story.
Do I look undead to you?
"For decades, the music media has been asking how Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is still alive, considering the innumerable quantities of drugs he has routinely pumped into his system. The short and simple answer is he isn't alive."

"Keith was pronounced dead at 16:41 on December 12th 1994 at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex, UK. Keith was 50 years old. He was taken to the hospital after swallowing more than his own body-weight in pills and was allegedly dropped off anonymously by someone driving a silver Rolls Royce with the license pate MJ1."

The story was published on the day of Halloween, which was perfect, and I would guess entirely coincidental timing.

What was your favorite story from way back when?

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