Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Today  is the day when America prepares a strategy for Black Friday shopping. For those who are not familiar with Black Friday, it is the day after thanksgiving when all the big box superstores offer ridiculous loss leaders to woo consumers into their stores for a pre-christmas shopping frenzy.

Black Friday
Black Friday Mania
Many stores are opening at midnight this year in order to maximise their sales, much to the displeasure of many employees, who will need to sacrifice the best part of their Turkey day to make it in to work. Many retail experts claim that this move will not increase sales, but simply change the time frame in which the sales are made.

Black Friday has, for a long time, been one crazy stampede which invariably makes news headlines when some poor person gets crushed and hospitalized while trying to be first through the doors of Walmart. The risk/reward of Black Friday is compounded by a large portion of buyer's remorse when the shoppers get home and realize they were blinded by the hype, and the 13" LCD TV they picked up for $19 is in fact a bigger turkey than the one they were eating just a day earlier.

13 inch LCD Turkey
A 13" SONY COBY LCD Turkey

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