Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mariah Yeater in paternity scandal

Recent evidence has surfaced almost totally clearing Bieber of being Mariah Yeater's 'baby daddy', but did you know that the identity of her father has been brought into question.

Yeater's mother recently suggested that she had a quick fling with a famous movie star and, as a result, she became pregnant and gave birth to Mariah.

Slap the Penguin can exclusively announce the identity of the celebrity embroiled in this latest scandal involving the Yeater family.

Mariah Yeater and E.T.
The similarity is uncanny, he must be the father

Mrs. Yeater is claiming that the loveable alien, E.T. is Mariah's real father. Just take a look at the similarity of some of those features. The noses are definately close, but the finger is the definite giveaway.

Unfortunately, E.T. was unavailable for comment but we left a message for him to phone us when he gets home.

For those of you reading this who want to know what E.T. is short for... it is because he has no legs.
E.T. is sick of the 'no legs' joke - the effects of Thalidomide are not a laughing matter
E.T. the extra terrestrial has no legs

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