This is a chance for you to meet the writers at For those of you who frequented My Twist News, they will be familiar names and faces, but to our new readers it may be interesting to visualize the authors as you read their comical outpourings.

+Ian C is the creator and editor of Born in the 1970's in a small country called Wales, Ian C. is still constantly mistaken for an Australian in his adoptive home of Minnesota. Even after 15+ years as a (legal) resident his accent is still strong enough for people to say, "You're not from round here are you!" and "Where are you from, Australia?" Email Ian
+Brad Naylor was found hanging out at a local Home Depot and was instantly recruited to the team without so much as an interview. His sense of humor was apparent from the t-shirt he was wearing which read 'Fibonacci - It's as easy as 1,1,2,3' Email Brad
+Tina Cruris is another Minnesota resident who shares a common pursuit of making people laugh. She also has a softer empathetic side which makes her such a good advice columnist. Just drop her an email with your problems (not just relationship problems) and she will reply with some great advice. Email Tina
Menaj Attwar joined the team in October of 2011 and became an instant hit as a movie buff and author of our 'Movie of the Month' posts. Menaj has a very dry sense of humor and fits into the crew incredibly well with his higher plane cerebral comedy angle.
Menaj left Slap the Penguin in February 2012.
+Alexa Rankin was the Newest Kid on the Block and she was added primarily to rebalance the male:female ratio which was leaning slightly heavily on the XY side. She won the 2011 Slap the Penguin guest post contest and as a result was offered a spot on the team. She also tips the scale back towards blonde although Alexa and Brad are still outnumbered by non-blondes. Email Alexa
Sue Casa was the newest member of the crew thanks to her victory in the 2014 STP Guest Post Contest. Sue lives and works in the UK and headed up the STP-UK division, making Slap the Penguin truly bilingual. I have lost track of how the blonde/non-blonde ratio sits currently but +1 for the blondes. Sue left STP during the bleak 2016 hiatus.

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