Monday, November 7, 2011

What got slapped 12 months ago 11/07/10

This time last there were a couple of very important stories that we uncovered. You can check out the archive here. The news that cigarette packs were to start carrying graphic images and stern warnings about the dangers and consequences of smoking, which U.S. District Judge Richard Leon has just ruled to be unconstitutional, since the FDA's insistence that all packs carry them violates the first amendment rights of the tobacco companies.
We posted a great story about Technology Addiction Extremes highlighting the pitfalls of making technology more accessible and giving technology access to our lives. Especially since a Tennessee man has just been sent down for 27 years for killing his infant son who disturbed him during a video game.

Brad did his usual New Release post, check out his views on Rascall Flatts, it still makes me laugh.

The best story from this time last year is a hands down winner. Playboy goes with the Flo was an exclusive story alerting our readers to the fact that Playboy magazine would have Flo from the Progressive commercials on the cover for their December 2010 edition.
Progressive Flo's Playboy cover
Name your price, Flo

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