Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bieber denies 'Baby Daddy' claim

Justin Bieber vehemently denies that he is the father of Mariah Yeater's baby and is taking a paternity test to prove it. Then when it comes back negative he is suing the ass off her for defamation of character.
Mariah Yeater sporting the 'Just got some in the bathroom' look
Mariah Yeater - Before she loses everything
Here is the background to the story. Mariah claims that she and Bieber had sex in a bathroom after one of his concerts when she was 19 and he was only 16. This led to her getting pregnant and 9 months later giving birth to a baby boy.

Mariah is claiming through her attorney that she is not seeking media attention and that all she wants is for Justin to provide DNA for testing purposes, and if he is the father then he must provide child support as required by California law. Well, Mariah, according to California law, having sex with someone under the age of 18 is illegal and your claim puts you in the middle of a statutory rape predicament.

Furthermore, your case hinges on the fact that Bieber, although being an annoying little shit, is incredibly popular and not entirely unattractive and, I would guess, he could have his pick of any number of beautiful ladies. So why would he have a post-concert bathroom quickie with you? If he wanted to have sex with a moose, he could have stayed in his native Canada, where they roam wild and free.
Mariah Yeater with her 'take me in the bathroom' face
Mariah Scarey
As with any high profile celebrity news story like this, the tabloids have already chosen sides and have begun to discredit Miss Yeater. The now independently contractable 'News of the World' tactical hacking team have been busy digging up dirt on Mariah. They found some previously unseen webcam pictures depicting her in various stages of undress. These images would have, under normal circumstances, remained unseen since they were uploaded to her Myspace page.

If Bieber is one of the stars, then who is the other star?
I wonder what the 2 stars represent?
What do you think of the entire situation? Is Bieber the dad? Did he even have sex with Yeater? Is Bieber actually still a virgin? The comments section is your opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings.

Breaking News - Mariah's father is not who she thought it was, according to her mother.

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