Friday, November 26, 2010

No 'Chili' and no Bowl to put it in.

The powers that be at Vikings HQ finally grew a pair and fired Brad 'Chili' Childress last week after a humiliating defeat to a second string Green Bay Packer team.
A super bowl of chili
A super bowl of chili

This not-such-a-shock move came just 10 weeks too late for the Vikings to salvage their 3-7 season and have the chance to flunk another Superbowl.

Any coach who is hellbent on starting players on reputation alone without considering other factors like fitness, age or current performance needs to be fired without hesitation. At times it appeared that Brett Favre was making the calls about whether he played or not.

'Iron Man' Brett has a record to maintain of 291 consecutive regular season starts and it seems that nobody wants to be the bad guy and break that streak. Leslie Frazier, the interim coach, has already named Favre as starter for this Sunday.
Iron Man Brett Favre
'Iron Man' Brett Favre needs to be benched
Let's hope that Chili's replacement, Darrell Bevell, is man enough to give backup QB Tarvaris Jackson some much needed experience and bench Favre for the remainder of the season.

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