Slap the Penguin is (mostly) a comedy blog and as such the contents of this site are meant to be funny.

Since funny is a subjective term we apologize if humor was not delivered to the satisfaction of each individual.

The point we are making is that you should not believe the majority of the posts on this site. They are mostly made up. They may have originally been based in fact, but they are twisted in such a way as to render them semi or even non-factual.

With the exception of celebrities and other household names, the names we use are fictitious and any similarity to anyone or anything in the real world is entirely coincidental.

As a satire/parody/spoof/news blog, we invoke the right to use images according to fair use laws, both as a news reporting service and as a source of satirical comedy. If you are (or represent) the copyright owner of any images used on this site, we urge you to contact us in order to come to an arrangement regarding use of the imagery. We would be delighted to credit the copyright owner and link to the source of the image or the owner's website.

Additionaly, no penguins were harmed in the making of this blog.

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