We constantly receive emails from people wanting to know more about Slap the Penguin and we are sick of replying to each email individually, so we have compiled a list of FAQ and corresponding answers so that the curious can be self sufficient. If you don't find what you want to know here, then you can email us at curious@slapthepenguin.com

What is Slap the Penguin?
Slap the Penguin is a satirical news blog which showcases the talents of some of the brightest comedy minds of the 21st century. Started in 2010 as a solo enterprise called My Twist News, it quickly expanded beyond the abilities of a single author and new writers were recruited and the name was changed to Slap the Penguin.

What does Slap the Penguin mean?
That one was answered by Tina, here.

How do I share a news story with you?
You have 2 choices. You can email our tipline or you can submit a guest post for consideration. Read about Guest Posting here.

Can I get Slap the Penguin merchandise?
Absolutely. We have a Cafe Press store called Shop the Penguin where you can get shirts, mugs and shot glasses. We can also create other fun stuff like magnets and mouse pads if you would like them. Actually it seems that this information is out of date, and Cafe Press still owe some of us for allowing our personal information to be hacked from their website. Please do not patronize Cafe Press, support your local bricks and mortar print store instead. 

Can I get Alexa's phone number?

Is there a way to point out typographical or grammatical errors on your pages? How do I report inaccuracies in your posts?
Those are good questions. Send an email to recyclebin@slapthepenguin.com and check back after 7 days to see that we don't really care. We are human and occasionally errors slip past the 80° proof reader's eye, but nobody likes a smart ass with nothing better to do.

Who do I complain to about content on your site?
Anybody who will listen. Why not link to it on Facebook and send a rant out to all your friends? The way we see it is that there is no such thing as bad publicity

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