Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kardashian and Humphries in 10 1/2 weeks

Kris and Kim have bested Mickey and Kim by 1 week, although I highly doubt that their relationship was as tempestuous, or full of blindfolded fridge raiding and cross-dressing alleyway intercourse in the rain.
Kim vs Kim
1 week longer, and 7 ass sizes bigger

Kim Kardashian has allegedly served husband and NBA superstar(?) Kris Humphries with divorce papers. Although both parties have been seen with other people, and both parties have been accused of cheating, we understand that the grounds listed in the legal documentation is 'irreconcilable differences' which in most cases means, he/she pissed me off.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries prepare to go their separate ways
It took you 72 days to realise this?
We could speculate all week long as to why they even got married in the first place, but we will leave that to TMZ. Both parties had a pre-nuptial agreement so neither of them will sacrifice any of their personal wealth, and their wedding, which cost a reported $10 million paid for itself through sponsorship from various lifestyle/people magazines and TV shows.

Bruce Jenner - Olympian and Waxwork
Uh-Oh. Face Freeze
It would appear that the only person to lose money on the deal was Kim's stepdad and decorated decathlete, Bruce Jenner, who spent multi thousands on a new facelift for the wedding, and ended up with face freeze and has been unable to close his eyes or move his lips for 72 days.

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