Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another New Writer - Alexa Rankin

It looks like we got this one back to front, since our newest writer has already posted before she was even introduced to the public at large. Please join me in welcoming Alexa Rankin to Slap the Penguin.
Alexa Rankin, about to walk into a post
Alexa Rankin, about to walk into a post

As with Menaj, I interviewed Alexa so that we could all get to know a little more about her.
IC - You won the Slap the Penguin guest post contest, what inspired you to enter?

AR - I have been enjoying Slap the Penguin since it was My Twist News. It appeals to my sense of humor, and I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to do what you guys do.

IC - You did a great job with your 'Obama in the UK' post. Have you published anywhere else?

AR - Outside of the school paper, no. I used to write sports reports for my high school rag which was always fun because I got to interview the all the hot looking jocks after the games.

IC - I asked Menaj about his first car, what was your first car and what do you drive now?

AR - My first car was my dad's old VW Golf, it was like an '86 or something. Jet black an in really good condition except for the passenger door, which wouldn't open from the outside. Now I have a 2007 Mazda 3 in flame red.

IC - Sounds like a fun ride. Talking of fun rides, do you like rollercoasters and what's the best one you have been on?

AR - I get sick riding the train, so coasters are a no go for me. Give me a slow ride like the tunnel of love anyday.

IC - I understand there is a band called the Alexa Rankin Band, is that anything to do with you?

AR - Absolutely nothing to do with me. I knew they exist, because I googled myself and they turned up in the results. Who doesn't google themselves?

IC - I know what you mean, I googled Ian C and I get a percussionist in my results. On the topic of names, what was your nickname when you were younger?

AR -  I had a few nicknames through the years, but the one I liked the most was Sexi-Lexi although only a few people called me that.

IC - Well you just told 1000 people per month about it, so I think you may get called Sexi-Lexi more often. Thanks for joining us at Slap the Penguin. We are looking forward to reading your posts.

AR - Thanks, I am looking forward to it.

A modern version of the Tunnel of Love
The new high speed 'Tunnel of Love' codename 'Kardashian'
That's a brief insight into the life of Alexa Rankin. If there is anything else you need to know that we didn't cover then please ask below in the comments section and Alexa should respond within a few days.

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