Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Reslap - Flo in Playboy - 3 Years On

by +Ian C

3 years ago today our very own +Brad Naylor revealed that adult magazine Playboy would be featuring Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials on their December 2010 cover. He posted the story on November 12th 2010 and since that day it has been our most viewed post of all time, averaging almost 500 visits per month.

Flo in Playboy 3 years on
A screen capture of the original post
According to Brad, Flo was chosen thanks to a huge write-in contingent during a reader's poll to decide who should adorn the Playboy December cover that year. Flo beat out Beyoncé, Kiera Knightly and Kate Beckinsale for the job.

We would like to thank the 17,318 people who were kind enough to stop by and read about Flo's breakthrough and we would also like to apologize to the majority of those visitors who were disappointed that there were no nude pictures of Flo posted in the story, and left without saying 'Hi', or visiting any of our other quality pages.



Static said...

Dammit. This is so disappointing.
But I'd still hit it . . . and then watch my insurance rates go through the roof.

Static said...

It's Progressive, what can I say?

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