Monday, November 8, 2010

WTF? - Technology Addiction Extremes

Many of us joke about being addicted to technology. "Oh, I would be so lost without my Blackberry", "It feels like I am married to my iPhone", but technology addiction is much more common and serious than most people realize.
Married to my iPhone
iPhone 4 - great wedding, poor reception
For those guys who sit for hours on end with a laptop in their lap, you are slowly frying your testicles. But since any guy who spends hours with a laptop in his lap is not likely to leave his parent's basement to procreate it probably isn't an issue.

Social media has a lot to answer for when it comes to technology interfering with our lives. Facebook and Twitter are integrated into practically everything electronic, from our computers and cellphones to our TV and BluRay players. I can't wait for the facebook fridge to send out status updates about it's contents. 'Jack Stropp has forgotten about that old piece of pizza for a 4th week'  and I don't even want to think about what the twitter washer/dryer will tweet about my laundry.
It seems we are just one generation (electronically speaking) away from cyber-singularity. The one hand held device that does it all. A central hub that controls all electronics around it. It operates your household equipment including media, lights even the thermostat, sensing which room you are in and adjusting the environment accordingly. You can communicate, interact and control everything all with the slide of a finger over a touch screen. Watch your favorite TV shows on demand on your schedule from any room in the house.

Does this scenario scare you or excite you? Would you plug yourself into this social network? Are you worried about not being able to unplug?

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Jeff K said...

We are entering a very strange time and it's just getting started. The interesting part is to see where all this is heading. I've got a friend who has a game in which is unrolling a toilet paper roll on her iPhone by moving her finger across the screen. I don't get it! as for Alexandra Tobias? I just don't understand.

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