Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New CD Releases for November 16th

A slightly different and less labor intensive format for this week. More new CDs and no more track listings.
I figured if anyone cares enough about what songs are on the disc they can click the picture and be whisked off to the relevant page. So here we go with this weeks rundown in no particular order.

Get CloserKeith Urban – Get Closer
This is an 8 track effort from Keith Urban with a sensitive slower paced pop/country feel. This is not Keith Urban the painter who quite rightly won the legal battle over the website, but Keith Urban the country singer who had to settle for the website, but is married to Nicole Kidman which is more than enough compensation providing you can forget that Tom Cruise had her first. (That's her in the bed.)

Nothing Like ThisRascal Flatts – Nothing Like This
I thought the band was called Raspy Fats after seeing them for the first time on some award show. The lead singer who calls himself Gary LeVox (a pretentious pun) is both raspy and fat. Apparently his stage name comes from a preset on the Autotune program he uses because he cannot sing in tune. As for the music, if you have heard one Rascal Flatts song you have heard them all and this CD has 11 such identical offerings. I just noticed that the sun is shining out of Gary's ass on the CD cover.

The PromiseBruce Springsteen – The Promise
2 Discs, 21 Tracks all previously unreleased material from the Darkness sessions. If you know The Boss's work then you will know about the 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' album. These tracks were all recorded at the same time, but didn't make it out of the vault until now. By his own admission Bruce says they should have been released back then in 1978 but then he wouldn't be able to release the collector's edition 4 disc+1 DVD version at the same time.

...Featuring Norah JonesNorah Jones – ...Featuring Norah Jones
Norah is a genuine talent, with millions of record sales and 9 Grammys in a 10 year span. This is an anthology of her collaborations with other artists across a broad spectrum of musical genres. She is cute too. I'm sorry I cannot think of anything derogatory or sarcastic to say about her. Except the superfluous 'h' at the end of her name.

Born FreeKid Rock – Born Free
Kid Rock is a strange character to figure out. His musical style is as varied as Miss Jones above, from rocky, rap metal to country rock, hip-hop he is the ultimate Jack of all trades. This latest release borrows more than a few chords from country to add to the rap-rock feel, and surprisingly for KR, does not come with the customary Parental Advisory sticker on it. Maybe Kid Rock is maturing into Young Adult Rock since he became the face of Jim Beam Bourbon.

Greatest Hits... So Far!!!Pink – Greatest Hits...So Far!!!
The title says it all. 16 tracks of Pink's Grrrl attitude. This is only in the list to make up the numbers. I thought she only had 2 hits, but apparently her definition of a hit is different to mine. It appears that she also includes songs that only charted in New Zealand as hits. Anything to fill up that 78 minute void on an otherwise blank CD.

A Christmas CornucopiaAnnie Lennox – A Christmas Cornucopia
It certainly feels like November now. Another festive selection, this time from veteran Scottish songstress, Annie Lennox as she belts out eleven traditional Christmas songs plus one self-penned offering. This is a more grown up collection than previous seasonal CDs that we have reviewed (Ms Carey) because the singer is a more grown up performer who has graduated with style from her early days as a Tourist and a Eurythmic.

LoudRihanna – Loud
I will never forgive Rihanna for Umbrella (ella ella ella), the most annoying song of the decade and possibly the reason for Chris Brown repeatedly punching her in the face. Nothing to see here, move along please.

Not MusicStereolab – Not Music
This is a little more than an hour of elevator music, "created by playing improvised chord progressions on a vibraphone then being sonically superimposed with drum loops". Back in the day this was called jamming, now it's a 'new' method of song writing. Thanks for simultaneously opening my eyes and closing my ears. I'm just gonna ride the Empire State elevator to the top and back down again. Same thing and I can save myself a few bucks.

5.0Nelly – 5.0
Hmmmm, 10 out of 15 tracks given an explicit tag. I guess cursing sells records. Nothing new or groundbreaking from Mr Nelly, just run of the mill hip-hop-bitch-slap-flip-flop-crip-crap on this disc. Nelly’s rapping style has been described by Peter Shapiro as “unforgettable hooks based on schoolyard songs, double-dutch chants, and nonsense rhymes.” Brad Naylor describes it as “shite.” In the tough world of rap where image is everything where does a guy with a girls name fit in?

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