Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Tina - Prince Charming

Dear Tina,
I'm chubby, broke and I live with my parents. I'm also stubborn, opinionated and have no brain-to-mouth filter. Where do I go to meet Prince Charming?
Dusty Undies

Dear Dusty Undies, thanks for the email.

I have a certain amount of empathy for your situation (not so much with the chubby or living with parents) and with a little help you will soon be swiffering the spiderwebs out of that gusset.

I find the best places to meet guys with lower standards are bingo halls and places with an All You Can Eat buffet. You should maybe consider going to a casino to combine the gambling/eating experience. Also the general loudness of all that excitement can drown out your opinionated commentary and make you more appealing.

Prince Charming: Ridicule is nothing to be scared of
If you are serious about trying to find Prince Charming, then move to Disneyland, but be warned I don't think Snow White is finished with him and you may be in for a fight.

Good Luck.

If you need advice on absolutely anything then email me -Tina.cruris(at)slapthepenguin.com

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Unknown said...

Excellent post. This seems like fabulous advice. I'll keep it in mind should I ever find myself chubby and lonely and living with my parents! ;)

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