Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WTF? - Ricky Martin is Gay?

Thanks to Oprah! and The View and some serious investigative journalism, the truth about Ricky Martin and his sexual proclivities is out. And so is he.
Ricky Martin is gay?
Does this Seacrest outfit make me look straight?
The fact that this is news amazes me.
1) In this day and age, who actually cares that some 2nd rate singer prefers boys to girls? Apart from entertainment magazines.
2) Who on this planet didn't already know or was able to make a guess that Ricky is homosexual?
3) Is this revalation going to make any difference to his flagging record sales?

We will still hear the echoes of Barbara Walters saying, "Told you so" as she steps up to recieve Emmy's for "Best Daytime Outing" and "Most Beligerent Old Dog with a Bone"
Barbara Walters - Dog with a bone
"Told you he was Gay"


JaneneMurphy said...

I had him pegged a decade ago. The real shocker? His biological link to Ronnie from the "Jersey Shore" cast -- kidding! Ronnie does look like a juiced up Ricky, though. Just sayin'.

Michelle said...

I think we all know this even without the press release.

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