Monday, October 31, 2011

We have a new writer

Note: Menaj no longer writes for Slap The Penguin. This is an old post.

Since we lost Jack Stropp during the shuffle, we have been a team of 3 writers, struggling to make deadlines and unable to play Uno Moo. Until now.. we have recruited a new writer. Our newest penguin slapper is none other than Menaj Attwar.

The needs of the many...
Menaj Attwar - practicing his Vulcan Mind Meld

I interviewed Menaj on your behalf in order to find out more about him.

IC - So, Menaj, what is your favorite number?

MA - I have to say it is the number 3.

IC - Great, I like 3 too. What was your first car and what do you drive now?

MA - My first car was a 1983 Volvo 240 GL and I am still driving it today.

IC - Those Volvos (Volvi?) were built to last. What is your area of expertise when it comes to writing?

MA - I am a big movie buff and I like to write reviews, in fact my first post is a movie of the month review.

IC - I am looking forward to reading your movie reviews. What was your nickname when you were younger?

MA - I didn't have a nickname growing up, but recently I have noticed people calling me Nicki Menaj more often.

IC - Thanks, Nicki, for your honesty, and welcome to Slap the Penguin.

MA - Thanks for having me.

Oh, My, God, Becky.
You got a keg in those pants?
a) Cos I wanna tap that ass
b) Cos your real ass can't be THAT big
There you have it. Menaj Attwar in a nutshell. If we didn't cover your question in the interview, ask it in the comments section and Menaj will (should) answer it for you.

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