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What got slapped 12 months ago - June 2013

By +Tina Cruris

Aaaah June. I can finally wear skimpy clothes without freezing my ass off. As is traditional with the first Sunday of the month, I present to you the monthly reslap of what was hot this time last year on Slap The Penguin. 

Pay attention because this can get confusing for some of you. Below, I will list a series of highlights from the June 2013 archives with a clickable heading. If the teaser interests you and you need to learn more, then click the clickable heading. Sorry we couldn't make it easier for you. Enjoy.

June 2013 reslap
June 2013 reslap montage
June 4 2013 - Dewar's Highlander Honey - New Ad Campaign
Ian C was very pleased with himself for creating an ad for the new Highlander Honey Whiskey from Dewar's, even though he wasn't commissioned to do so or paid for his efforts. Oh and they didn't use it either.

June 6 2013 - JC Penney and their Hitler Kettle
Big box store JC Penney got into trouble for advertising this kettle which bears a striking resemblance to one of the greatest dictators of the modern era.

June 16 2013 - Kim gives Kanye best father's day gift ever
Just days after handing over Stephen Hawking to the Alien Penguins (it's a long story click HERE for the saga), Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announce the birth of their daughter.

June 16 2013 - Texas bans crude license plate
A gynecologist in Texas has his license plate banned by authorities because it was considered to be crude.

June 18 2013 - Who you gonna call...? A divorce attorney
An amateur ghost hunter in Australia discovers what was actually going bump in the night.

June 21 2013 - Facebook enabled rifle never misses
A weapons manufacturer has announced that it has created a 'smart' rifle which is so smart that it cannot miss. The $27,000 rifle also has internet which makes it worth the price-tag.

June 22 2013 - Clamp down on seat belt use for July 4th
As usual, police were ramping up their patrols heading into the holiday, reminding people that driving without wearing your seat belt is not only dangerous, but also against the law.

June 23 2013 - John Wayne Bobbitt Re-Membered
We took a look back at the story which made every male cross his legs in 1993. John Wayne Bobbitt was semi-emasculated by his wife Lorena.

June 25 2013 - Dear Tina - Addicted to Candy Crush
Somebody wrote to me to ask for help with a Candy Crush addiction. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help... an if you can find her, maybe you can ask DEAR TINA

June 25 2013 - Man 'Bobbitts' himself while high on 'magic' mushrooms
Ironically, just days after we reminded the world about the woeful tale of John Wayne Bobbitt, a man in Ohio is found with a severed penis, and the wound appears to be self inflicted.

June 26 2013 - 500 Posts
Another ego-post as STP surpasses the 500 posts milestone.

June 28 2013 - Wikipedia plot to take over the world discovered
We discovered a plot by the 6th most visited website on the planet, Wikipedia, to take over the world. Then we wrote about it.

June 29 2013 - Yoga Pants - Man's Greatest Invention
For some reason, this has become one of our most visited posts of all time, currently ranked 4th in all time views.

These were just the highlights of June 2013. You can use the Archive section to the right to search for the filler material which consists mainly of Bublé Headswaps and Penguin Facts.

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