Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ukrainian police recreate 300 movie

By +Tina Cruris

Unrest in the ex-Soviet state of Ukraine has meant that local police in the town of Svatove have had to break out the riot shields to quell the unruly demonstrators. Watching the police in action is reminiscent of the Spartans in the movie 300.

Ukrainian 300
According to a local source the latest round of civil unrest had escalated when a young lady was kicked into a seemingly bottomless pit in the main plaza in the town of Svatove by a Ukrainian police officer called Dzherard Batler.

The Ukrainian Sparta Kick
This. Is. Svatove!
The crowd of thousands instantly turned on the 300 police who retreated into their practiced turtle formation.

Ukrainian 'Turtle' formation
Ukrainian police adopt the turtle formation
The impenetrable wall of shields is being tested with a combination of wild animals, old women and low pressure water cannon, but so far appears to be standing firm.

Wild animals attack the 300
Wild animals attack the 300
Old woman returns after failing to get penetration
Old woman returns after failing to get penetration
The low pressure water cannon proves ineffectual
The low pressure water cannon proves ineffectual
We all know how the movie '300' finished, but how will this episode play out? We understand that reinforcements are on their way to support the 300, but will they arrive in time?


Dale Brown said...

Personally I wouldn't wave my genitalia around in front of a bunch of grumpy coppers with big sticks.
You wouldn't want to give them ideas, would you?

Unknown said...

What a bunch of fakes.
2th - fake. Svatove is one of few towns in Luhansk district, whith are controlled by goverment, not by terrorists. And it is one of most peacefull and safe places in that region.
3th picture - not police but civile protestors on Maidan in february, Kiev.
4th picture - photo from another country, not Ukraine (word "policia" on shields (police), ukrainian cops are called milicia - міліція). I suppose - from spanish-speaking country, 'cos those guys are quite sun-tanned.
6th - same thing, non-ukrainian cops.

Tina Cruris - Slap The Penguin said...

Thanks for your comment, Alex.
Which image first made you think that this may have been a fake post? I hope the picture with the pasted King Leonidas face and the clip art 'bottomless pit' didn't distract you from the gravitas of this serious post.
We don't have the money and resources of the BBC and sometimes we have to resort to 'secondary source' media in order to get the story across with support images.
I do appreciate you taking the time to read our post and comment on it.
I trust you will be able to explore our work more deeply in the future.
Thanks, Tina

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