Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Blackadder actor dies

The news of the passing of Patsy Byrne was slow to arrive to the STP inbox, and those of us who remember her as 'Nursie' are saddened by the loss. Patsy is the second Blackadder cast member to die this month following on from the loss of Rik Mayall last week.

Patsy Byrne as Nursie - Blackadder II
Patsy Byrne with co-star Miranda Richardson
While Patsy only appeared in one of the four seasons and a few of the specials, she was an integral part of the Blackadder story. Now Bernard (Nursie's real name) can spend time with Lord Flashheart and the canoe in his pocket.

Rik Mayall, Patsy Byrne and the rest of the Blackadder crew
Rik, Patsy and the living cast members
Now I am going to watch Season 2 of Blackadder on Netflix before any more of them pass away.

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