Monday, June 2, 2014

The Reign in Spain falls mainly on Felipe

By +Ian C

In a dramatic twist following our penguin fact this morning, King Juan Carlos of Spain has announced his intention to abdicate the throne. In a news conference, the reining monarch passed the crown to his son Felipe, well verbally passed the crown.

Juan Carlos preparing to abdicate
Juan Carlos preparing to abdicate
While we cannot be held fully accountable for his decision, it must have weighed heavily on his mind that people, and especially penguins no longer have faith in the monarchy. King Juan Carlos has throne* a spanner in the works with his abdication since there is no precedent for such an event. The Spanish government are working hard to draft a procedure into law for this circumstance.

We wish the best to Juan Carlos and his wife, Sofia in their retirement, and offer our support to Crown Prince Felipe who will succeed his father to the throne.

*I know.. it's called a homophone and is used as a comedic device

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