Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who you gonna call...? A divorce attorney

An unnamed man (who we will call Bruce) from Tasmania got the surprise of his life after setting up a series of 'Ghost Cams' around his house to catch the spooks that had been moaning, creaking and banging in the upstairs rooms.
Ghost Hunters of Australia
Do we really need a caption?
Bruce is an extreme fan of shows like Ghost Hunters of Australia and spends hours in front of the TV watching Ghost Hunter marathons. His addiction to these shows has cost him one marriage already and could well cause his current marriage to disintegrate.

Bruce's obsession caused him to believe his own home was haunted, and in order to catch these spooks at work he set up a series of infra-red night vision cameras. Bruce actually caught more than he bargained for when he reviewed the recordings from the previous day.

To his surprise, the camera he had set up in the spare bedroom had recorded his second wife (let's call her Sheila) having some pretty wild sex with his 16 year old son from his first marriage (incidentally, Hulk Hogan was nowhere near this sex tape).
A minor (but no sex)
A minor (chord)
The local police have since been involved because the 16 year old son is considered a minor in that part of the world, and the stepmom may well be charged for having sex with a minor. In a statement released through her attorney, Sheila claimed that she had felt neglected by her ghost-obsessed husband and sought the comfort of some male company.

Sheila told us off the record that she had the best orgasm in a decade with her stepson. Considering the supernatural link in this story, maybe it should have been 'the best phantasm in a decade'.

Next time you think you have paranormal activity in your house, maybe you should call the experts...

Who you gonna call...? Milfbusters
Who you gonna call...? Milfbusters
Milfbusters... now they would have taken care of Steve's problem. No more moaning and banging at night from the spare bedroom. Egon Spunkler, Ray Spanks, Winston Bedmore, Peter Wankman and Slimer will see to that.

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