Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bosnia Demonstrates Latest Anti-Tank Weaponry

By +Ian C

Bosnia has been a peace loving nation since the end of the Bosnian war in 1995, but like many countries, they have continued to develop weapons systems in order stay up-to-date should they go to war again.

Bosnia Herzegovina has just 12 miles of coastline
Bosnia Herzegovina - has 12 miles of coastline

In the northern part of the country where Bosnia borders Serbia and Croatia, the landscape is particularly flat and is the perfect terrain for tank warfare, while to the south Bosnia has 12 miles of coastline to defend from naval assault. These are the key areas on which Bosnian weapons specialists have been concentrating.

The nation of Bosnia Herzegovina is particularly poor and hasn't been able to enter the annual Eurovision Song Contest for the last 2 years. (A silly tradition whereby amateur musical performers from each corner of Europe compete to sing the tackiest song with the most banal lyrics before returning to relative obscurity). With this in mind, you can imagine how much importance the Bosnian people place on their weapons development.

Admiral Jakob and his wife, Ensign Radmila of the Bosnian Navy
The Bosnian Navy
The entire Bosnian Navy is made up of Admiral Jakob Pomorski and Ensign Radmila Pomorski. This husband and wife team patrol the 12 miles of Bosnian coastline keeping away would be invaders. Note the clever tactical ploy of marking their only boat with a '30' to make the enemy think that they have more of them.

The other major advance in Bosnian weaponry is the Anti-Tank device known as Stražnjica Granata. It's inception, development and adoption came just 6 months after the first Taco Bell opened its doors in Sarajevo.

A Bosnian soldier demonstrates an anti-tank weapon
A Bosnian soldier demonstrates the Stražnjica Granata anti-tank weapon
The anti-tank weapon, known in the US as the Stank-Tank, requires a stealth approach towards the enemy tank. The soldier then opens the tank door and deploys his payload into the tank. He then quickly closes and barricades the door leaving the occupants to deal with the noxious fumes. In an enclosed space such as a tank cockpit, unconsciousness and vomiting will occur, rendering the tank operators unable to defend themselves, thus making them and the tank easy to capture and nullify.

Currently, development of the Stank-Tank and similar weapons is on hold in other NATO countries due to complaints by some civil rights groups that it may contravene portions of the Geneva Convention. "Although the weapon itself is non-lethal," said one activist, "it does inflict unnecessary suffering on it's targets and as such should be banned."

US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, responded, "Other nations already have this weapon in place and we are leaving ourselves open to attack if we are not allowed to develop a similar weapon to use against or enemies. At the very least, we need to develop this kind of weapon so that we can formulate a defense strategy against it." 

Do you think that this anti-tank weapon should be outlawed completely? Would this qualify as biological warfare under the Geneva Convention? Have you ever Stank-Tanked someone in bed? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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