Saturday, June 28, 2014

World Cup - Brazilian win was a close shave

By +Ian C

No, I don't have to justify it by saying 'The SOCCER World Cup'. It is the one and only World Cup. And besides I have kept pretty quiet about it so far, but I can hold my tongue no longer. Today was the first game of the 'Round of 16' and the host nation, Brazil, faced off against fellow coffee growers, Colombia.

Brasil vs. Colombia
Brasil vs. Colombia
The Brazilians were in their familiar strip, looking trim and ready for action. The Brazilians demonstrated their smooth and silky skills across both halves. Admittedly there were a few hairy patches before the Brazilians took control. The Brazilians had a few close shaves as the game progressed. Their fortunes waxed and waned a little during the match, and on occasions the Brazilians were a shear delight. By the end of the game the Colombians looked bushed, and the Brazilians snatched victory when Gonzalo Jara muffed his penalty kick.

Can the Brazilians go all the way? Will the Brazilians get cut short? Share your thoughts about the Brazilians down below.

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Anonymous said...

That's just a bunch of shaved pussy jokes strung togeter. I laughed and then i peed.

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