Friday, June 27, 2014

The Beer Gut is a thing of the past

By +Alexa Rankin

The battle of the bulge is a constant one for beer drinking men, but now, thanks to a beer drinking inventor, there is a way to enjoy beer while keeping the resulting beer gut under control.

Beer Gut could be a thing of the past
The Beer Gut is history
Beer guts arise from differences in calorific intake and usage, so you can either lower your intake or burn them off, or a combination of the two. The calories in beer vary depending on which brand and style of beer you drink, but the average range is between 70 and 160 per 12 oz serving.

Beer can give you a hangover
Beer can give you a hangover
It was maintaining the balance of intake and exercise which inspired inventor Bud Miller (yes that's his real name) to create the drinkMASTER 5000, the world's first kegtreader. "I adapted a treadmill to deliver a measured flow of beer according to the intensity of the workout. The harder you work, the more calories you burn and the more beer is dispensed. You just program your weight, beer style and intensity level and the on-board computer does the rest."
Bud Miller on the drinkMASTER 5000
Bud Miller uses the drinkMASTER 5000
The idea is simple and brilliant, not only do you get rewarded for working out with tasty beer, but you also get to drink your favorite beer without developing an unsightly beer gut. This is a win-win situation for all beer loving men. This is perfect for all fitness levels and gut sizes because the intensity level can be adjusted for differing body shapes, so even if already have a gut, the drinkMASTER 5000 can help you to reduce it.

This kegtreader will not magically transform you in to Tanning Chatum but it will help you to achieve your target of fitting into those pants with the 44" waist without excessive muffin topping.

MillerTime Fitness, a new franchise
A new fitness bar franchise
Who knows, maybe this will start a trend of workout bars where rows of drinkMASTER machines are occupied by less than fit beer lovers, all treading their way to fitness and intoxication. A place where people can go to drown their sorrows and end up with an endorphin high.

What do you think? Would you workout for a beer? Will this create a subculture of superfit drunks? Share your opinion below.

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