Wednesday, June 26, 2013

500 Posts

by +Ian C

Today, Slap the Penguin celebrates reaching 500 posts. As editor, I have to admit that there is an awful lot of filler that helped us get to 500, but it is still an astounding achievement for us. We also got there before the 3rd anniversary celebrations coming up in just a few weeks.

Slap the Penguin 500th post
Can you believe that we have lasted this long?
500 posts and what have we got to show for it? A back catalog of mildly amusing satire, product reviews and head-swaps. This post arrives just in time for to dump us as an affiliate because of the Minnesota Tax Law changes, and for the Google Affiliate Network to go tits up because it is non-productive. This means that some of the product links that you click may not take you anywhere, or you may get there but we don't get a percentage if you buy anything.

We are correcting these links as fast as we can, but we have 500 pages to wade through, so it may take some time. If you come across any of these broken links please email our affiliate technical adviser at

Normally with one of these milestone posts I would list a whole bunch of top stories or staff picks, but we are saving that for the 3rd anniversary celebrations in July, so you will have to select your own favorite posts. When you have chosen your favorite, leave a comment and let us know what it is. Your opinion may be immortalized in the annals of the Slap the Penguin archives. Or not.

Thanks for joining us today and sharing our joy and amazement.

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