Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday 13th part V

By +Ian C

Another Friday 13th rolls around and another remake of the same post gets published, but with an ordinal increment to differentiate between the sequential chapters of the saga. We have reached part 5 in this epic series, even though we ran out of fresh ideas after part 2. If you keep reading you may discover a new plot mechanism or clever twist on an old idea to make you think there is an element of originality contained within.

Friday 13th part V
Louis XIII part V
Since this is the fifth installment of the series, you are probably wondering what happened in the first four parts. To be honest, not much; click the following links and judge for yourself.

F13.1 | F13.2 | F13.3 | F13.4

History is strewn with examples of unlucky thirteen, as you would know if you clicked one of the links above, but spare a thought for other unlucky dates. Before Jesus was born, Wednesday 15th was considered to be bad luck, or at least it was for Julius Caesar. He was stabbed by a whole bunch of people, including his best friend, Brutus, on Wednesday 15th March.

Julius Caesar and Brutus

On the bright side, there are lucky days too. We at Slap the Penguin are pushing for national and even worldwide recognition of Sunday 7th as the official antidote to Friday 13th. You can help by joining our Sunday7th facebook page and then inviting your friends.

What are your Friday 13th thoughts? Do you have rituals? Do you avoid everything? Is there a different day which brings you bad luck? Is luck really anything more than a state of mind? Share below.

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