Friday, June 21, 2013

Facebook enabled rifle never misses

by +Alexa Rankin

A company based in Austin, Texas has developed a high-tech rifle which is accurate to over 1000 yds (0.56 miles) and not just in the hands of an expert sniper. We all know that the world's best snipers make those kind of hits all day every day, but the range of Precision Guided Firearms (PGF) from Tracking Point means that almost anyone can make those shots.

Tracking Point Rifle
Tracking Point Rifle makes it hard to miss
The technology in this $27,000 rifle allows even the least gun savvy shooter to make shots that only a handful of trained experts can make. The smart scope makes all the necessary adjustments that a world class sniper has to account for manually.

A bullet does not travel in a straight line, it is affected by gravity and air resistance which causes the bullet to drop vertically along a parabolic curve. The wind will cause the line of the bullet to alter depending on strength and direction. Over longer distances the spin of the Earth and the rotation of the bullet itself will need to be corrected for. For truly accurate compensation the temperature, humidity and altitude of the location needs to be accounted for also. Only when all of these factors are considered and compensated for will the projectile hit the target.

Projectile Trajectory
Just one factor affecting bullet flight
The PGF from Tracking Point does all this for you. Just put the target in the cross hairs to mark it with a virtual red dot and the magic scope does the rest. It accounts for every conceivable factor to ensure that the projectile hits where you are aiming.

To further increase the fool proof element, the firing mechanism is also semi-automated. Simply align the cross hairs in the vicinity of the target and keep the trigger squeezed. The bullet will not be fired until the scope confirms that the gun is aimed perfectly at the virtual red dot. The scope will then send a signal and the bullet is away smoothly, eliminating errors due amateurish and jerky trigger pulling.

Beer Can-dy Crush
Beer Can-dy Crush
For some people the $27,000 price tag seems a little high, even for a gun which won't miss but when you consider that this weapon is Wi-Fi enabled and will connect to Facebook then $27k is definitely worth it. You can play candy crush while you drink Miller High Life and wait in your deer stand for your target to arrive.

You can also post status updates directly from the scope so that people on your friends list can see exactly what you are aiming at. Just imagine seeing something like this next time you log in to facebook:

Tracking Point Status Update
Not the kind of status update you would want to see
Do you think that the 'Smart-gun' is a positive step in firearms development? Should we be putting such long range lethality in the hands of people who can afford it?  Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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