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What got slapped 12 months ago - July 2012

Slap the Penguin: What got slapped 12 months ago - July 2012. by +Tina Cruris

This is yet another reslap, a look back at what was happening on our pages this time last year. It's fun to look back at Slap the Penguin 12 months ago and see how much better the writing was.

I hope you have fun trawling the archives. We are fast approaching our 3rd anniversary and have recently passed the 500 post mark so there is a lot of old stuff to wade through. I know you will find it worthwhile if you give it a chance.
(HINT: click the titles to read the full story).

July 2013 Reslap Montage
July 2013 Reslap Montage
July 7th 2012 - Michael Phelps banned from entering the UK for the 2012 Olympics
Michael Phelps was on the verge of becoming the greatest swimmer in Olympic history when he received the unfortunate news that he had been banned from entering the UK on account of his very publicized drug use.

July 8th 2012 - Fan gets hit by foul ball while Facebooking
Travis Decker was in the crowd "watching" a dull game of baseball between the Reds and the Padres while updating his facebook status when BAM, a foul ball came out of nowhere and hit him.

July 9th 2012 - Product Review - Nest: The Learning Thermostat
12 months ago I published a review of my new thermostat called the Nest Learning Thermostat, which has been just awesome. It was simple to replace the existing thermostat in my house. It looks good, it performs well and saves me money. There will be an update to the review coming very shortly as they have improved it since I bought it. Click the picture to learn more. 

July 10th - Asian Scientists discover Buddha particle
Just over a year ago, scientists released proof of their discovery of the so called god particle. A scientific breakthrough in the world of physics and the ultimate kicker for those who believe in creationism. No doubt they will spin it to incorporate their beliefs. Just a week later, Asian scientists claimed they discovered the Buddha particle, which is very similar to the god particle, just fatter.

July 12th - Slap the Olympics
Every 4 years the self professed World's Greatest Sporting Event takes place. Last year it was the turn of London to host the Olympic Games. We shared our own personal collection of pre-olympic posts from as far back as 2010.

July 15th - What brings you here?
We wanted to find out what makes our readers tick, so we looked up some stats about how people found our site. Search engine, bookmark or referral, and more importantly what they were searching for to actually find our site. We were quite surprised how perverted the bulk of our readers actually are.

July 17th - United Airlines close mile high club
With thousands of members over many decades, the mile high club was open to anyone with a plane ticket and a partner. Last year United airlines closed their branch of the club citing passenger safety and security as the prime reasons. According to sources, the Mile High Premier club is still open, but that requires a First Class ticket. Anything is possible behind those first class curtains.

July 23rd - Jack in a box
The world's best selling Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniels, last year released it's newest format, the three liter box. Alcoholic beverage packages have been getting bigger over the years with most popular brands now offering a 16 oz variant of the standard 12 oz can. Many craft beers come exclusively in the 22 oz 'bomber' bottle. Then they print 'Drink in moderation' on the packaging.

July 27th - Kristen Stewart - not so Snow White after all
Rumors were flying about actress Kristen Stewart cheating on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, while on the set of her then latest movie, Snow White and The Huntsman. She was seen canoodling with the movie's director, Rupert Sanders.

July 30th - WWW = Wyoming Without Web users
After studying our visitor analytics, we were concerned at the limited number of visitors from Wyoming, so we investigated. Read our report explaining where the Wyoming visits came from, what they were searching for and why we don't have many visits from the Cowboy State.

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