Monday, July 30, 2012

WWW = Wyoming Without Web users

Wyoming has never been considered cutting edge when it comes to technology, but you would think that they would at least have the internet there.

montage of web browser icons plus a question mark
A selection of browsers now available in Wyoming
We have good news for the residents of Wyoming; the internet has finally arrived, and already we are seeing visits to our site from people in Laramie, Casper and Jackson. A total of 15 visitors have landed on our pages from the Cowboy State, and guess what pages they are checking out?
  1. Taylor Swift has no boobs
Yep, those lonely cowboys are looking for playboy, sexting and Taylor Swift's boobs. No doubt in an effort to find a way to quit Ennis Del Mar.

Geographically speaking, Wyoming is a pretty 'square' state, and there are very few pockets of dense population. Everything is spread out and remote, making any form of infrastructure difficult and expensive to achieve. There is basically nothing but farmland outside of the 20 mile wide corridors which channel highways 90 and 25 through Wyoming.

I know what you are thinking, "If Wyoming sends the fewest visitors to STP, which state sends the most?". Take a wild guess and then scroll down slightly to see a graphical interpretation of visitors by state. The darker the green (or grey if you are in Wyoming using a black and white monitor), the more visitors that state sent our way. Click the image to make it bigger.

A map showing which state sent the most visitors to STP
Which state loves us the most?
The evidence is overwhelming. California has the most penguin slappers, followed by Texas and then New York. At the other end of the spectrum, slightly outperforming Wyoming are Vermont and South Dakota.

If you want to know where your state ranks in the US, or how your city or town stacks up globally on the penguin slapping scale then leave a request in the comment section below. I should get a reply posted within 24 hours.

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