Friday, July 26, 2013

Twinkies and other dirty cake names

by +Alexa Rankin

The newly relaunched Hostess brand, who are responsible for the infamous Twinkie, have denied claims that they deliberately gave their snack cakes dirty names to increase sales.

Hostess - Snack cakes with Dirty Names
Admit it, Hostess, you know what a Ding Dong is...

Since the 1930's, people have been putting Twinkies in their mouth and thinking nothing more of it. Then in 1967 the Ding Dong was born and a small percentage of the population (mainly schoolboys) found the name amusingly smutty. Hot on the heels of the Ding Dong was the Ho Ho and at that point more people started realizing that Hostess were being totally rude.

In the 1990's comedian Eddie Murphy called out Hostess for their blatant use of crudity in their product names, which Hostess flat out denied and then offered him a role in their 1999 advertising campaign for Nutty Ho Hos. Murphy received an undisclosed fee for the commercial and agreed to discontinue mocking the brand in his stand-up routine.
Tallahassee likes Twinkies
How far would you go for the last Twinkie?
Not much happened then until 2012 when Hostess filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and ceased production. The news that Twinkies would no longer be made led to mass hysteria and widespread panic as people crowded gas stations attempting to buy up all the Hostess products.

The good news is that as of July 15th 2013, Hostess Snack Cakes will be back on shelves in grocery stores and gas stations and with a few new varieties. The new parent company still deny the use of dirty names to increase sales, even after announcing an expansion to the range including new snacks called 'Sticky Buns' and 'Cream Pie'. The current line up is shown on the press data sheet below.

Hostess Snack Cakes List
Which is your favorite? Click to zoom
We would love to hear your thoughts on the new line up for the old Hostess brand of snack cakes. Have you ever eaten a Twinkie? A whole one? Which of the new cakes is your new favorite? Use the comments section to let us know or vote in our poll.

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