Friday, July 5, 2013

Queen's list of no-no names for royal baby

by +Ian C

With the imminent arrival of the newest royal baby, we have discovered that Her Majesty Elizabeth II who recently celebrated her 60th year on the British Throne has provided William and Kate with a list of names which are NOT to be given to her great grandchild.

Queen Elizabeth lays down the law
Queen Elizabeth lays down the law
Most grandparents have a small input into baby names, but this granny has some pretty awesome powers of veto and when she gives the royal 'NO!' then you better listen.

Diana is at the very top of Queenie's no-no list and yet is still riding high in the British betting odds at 7/1. It would seem that the British people still have a lot of love for the new baby's would be grandmother, but HRH is not shifting.

Second on the list is North or any other cardinal direction. Her notes by that name were 'Were they on drugs?' referring obviously to Kim and Kanye after they named their child North West.

Queen Elizabeth's 'do not name' list
What not to call your royal child
Notice the date is July 1st, so either this is cutting it a little close or there have been previous drafts of this document. The Royal couple claim that they do not yet have a name for the baby, nor do they know the sex of the future prince/princess.

Our own Tina Cruris posted back in April about how the British have gone crazy betting on the name of the royal baby and told us what she had heard it would be called.

What do you think of QE2's list? Do you agree or disagree with any of her 'suggestions'? What do you think would be a good name for a royal baby?

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