Thursday, July 12, 2012

Slap the Olympics

This July 27th, the entire planet will unite under the greatest sporting umbrella known to man, The Olympic Games.
Slap the Olympics
Slap the Penguin is always first on the scene with a major news story and we started the Olympic ball rolling way back in August 2010. Yes, almost 2 years before the London Olympics were set to begin, we were making the headlines, reporting on the planned inclusion of Pole Dancing as an Olympic sport in 2012.

Bulgaria's best chance of pole dancing gold

Now, lets fast forward 10 months to our next Olympic story, a tale of near tragedy for the Austrian swim team. Jakob Maly almost earned Darwin Award gold on a beach in Miami, Florida after jumping into an unsupported hole that he had dug in the sand.

Jakob's hole was bigger, but these are better
Moving on to February 2012, 5 months out from the Olympics, we exclusively announced the inaugural Special Forces Olympics to be held after the regular Olympics. The SFO will pit elite fighting forces against each other in varying macho events, mostly involving guns and combat.

The Navy Seals take to the pool for the Special Forces Olympics
June 2012 saw a post about the issues of prostitution in and around the London Olympics and then July brought the revelation of US super-swimmer Michael Phelps being banned from entering the UK to compete in the Olympics.

Use the comments section to let us know what your favorite olympic story is, and make your prediction as to how many gold medals you think the host nation, Great Britain, will win.

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