Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hybrid Animal Species

by +Ian C

I was embroiled in a discussion just a few days ago regarding the amazing creature known as a mule. The mule was not one of the creatures found on Noah's Ark, it's existence is entirely due to male donkeys getting it on with female horses resulting in a cross species pregnancy and birth.

A Mule
A Mule - The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse
Traditionally with cross species animals, the name comes from the first part of the male contributor and the second part of the female contributor. Following that formula this animal would be known as a Donse or Dorse or something silly like that. Maybe that's why they chose to go with mule. They could have flipped the formula and put the female part first which would have given us a Honkey.

Equidae are not the only animals to get so horny that they will bang another species. Panthera commonly play outside of the species box too. There are many examples of Ligers and Tigons and Bearcats, Oh My!

A Tigon, from a male tiger and a female lion
A Tigon, from a male tiger and a female lion
The idea of Hybrid beasts is not a new one, they are spattered throughout ancient mythology. The Greeks had Centaur (man/horse), Chimera (lion/goat/snake), Manticore (man/lion/scorpion/bat) and Minotaur (man/bull). The origin of some of these creatures is obscure, and I am yet to come across ancient Greek tales of crazy bestial orgies generating any of these marvelous mythological creatures.

Other hybrid creatures are formed not by sexual behavior but by simple genetic splicing. The introduction of DNA from one species to another can cause the characteristics of one creature to be added to those of another. One of the most famous examples of this method is Spiderman. Peter Parker was bitten by a spider and developed talents common among the spider community, but rare amongst humans. Talents like climbing walls and shooting webs. There are now rumors floating around that Spiderman is gay, which the spiders are claiming is not a trait common among their species, so it must be a human thing.

Spiderman Gay...?
Where will Peter Parker park his peter tonight?
One of the least known hybrids is the recent combination of a Narwhal and a Tigger. The genetobiologists have taken great care to ensure that only male tiggers and female narwhal are used, thanks to pressure from Paula Deen who desperately wanted to avoid the alternative cross breed.

A tigger/narwhal cross known as a Tarwhal
A wonderful thing is a Tarwhal
There are literally millions of humorous combinations of animals and we want to hear them. Please share your funny animal hybrids with the world in the comments section below. Then share our website with your friends.

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