Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fox launch Celebrity Ninja for fall lineup

Midsummer is the time when the major TV networks announce their highlights for the fall season of televisual entertainment. In response to NBC's announcement of their new game-show, Moral Values, FOX revealed that their prime time programming will be lead by Celebrity Ninja.
Celebrity Ninja on FOX
Quality FOX programming - Celebrity Ninja
Normally, Gary Busey, Sean Hayes, Brett Favre and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi would not be seen together in the same room, but incentivise them with a $100,000 prize for charity and they will don a shinobi shōzoku (ninja outfit) and perform silly ninja stunts. Add Nina Agdal (Adam Levine's Victoria's Secret ex) and 80's rapper, Vanilla Ice to the list of competitors and you have a contest.

Celebrity Ninjas
The 6 Wanabi Ninja in action
The stealthy six will battle each other over a number of Ninja disciplines over a 13 week season with the worst performer getting cut every 3rd show leaving a head to head showdown finale for the last show. At the beginning of episode one, each competitor is given a ninja equipment kit and instruction manual and have 6 hours to familiarize themselves with the way of the ninja. They will then be put through their paces with the katana (sword) and nunchaku (nun-chuks).
The FOX ninja arsenal
Celebrity Ninja weapons kit
Over the 13 weeks, the celebs will be tested across a range of ninja skills including stealth, weapon handling and deception. Contestants will be measured on how well they slice a watermelon;

Split the watermelon
Almost a clean cut
how well they are able to conceal themselves;

Ninja Concealment
Spot the Celebrity Ninja. There are 6 in this image.
and throwing shuriken (throwing stars) at targets.

Target Practice
Gary Busy apologizes profusely for the damage
During the coming weeks, the Celebrity Ninjas will come face to face with the House Ninjas, who not only train them but also test their talents with midnight attacks and surprise assaults, all under the watchful eye of host and ex-New Kid on the Block, Danny Wood.
The House Ninjas
Beware the House Ninjas
Danny Wood was once a New Kid on the block
Danny Wood - Happy to have a job
The highlight of the season will test the two finalists in the last show. The final two competitors will go head to head across the range of ninja skills, culminating in the ultimate challenge of the Celebrity Ninja obstacle course.

Celebrity Ninja Obstacle Course
Celebrity Ninja Obstacle Course
The first competitor to cross the finish line will be crowned Celebrity Ninja Master 2013. Join FOX this fall to find out who it will be.

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