Friday, July 27, 2012

Kristen Stewart - not so Snow White after all

Rumours abound that Twilight megastar Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend and Twilight co-megastar Robert Pattinson, on the set of her recent movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.
Chris Hemsworth as Thor and a slutty Snow White
Chris Hemsworth was not on Snow White's radar

Suprisingly, unlike other movies, K-Stew was not all over her co-star, Chris Hemsworth, but instead her paramour was the movie's married director, Rupert Sanders. The pair were seen canoodling all around the SWATH set between scenes.

There has been a huge backlash over this news from the Twilight fans, especially 'Team Edward', the fanatical Robert Pattinson followers. Robert himself is yet to publically comment on the rumors, but he has been described as being 'sullen' and 'moping'.

Actor Robert Pattinson holding his head and frowning, unhappily
Robert Pattinson (R-Patz) looking moderately less cheerful
Rupert Sanders is known for... umm... hold on let me check NOTHING! Rupert Sanders has done absolutely nothing prior to this movie. Also, according to, the making of SWATH 2 is already underway under Sander's directorship, and Kristen Stewart will be reprising her role as the director's floozy Snow White.

So what does the future hold for Kristen and Robert? Could this be the end of the romance for the Twilight duo?

We asked our guest entertainment correspondant, Honey Badger.
Image of a honey badger looking uninterested with a caption saying does it look like i care
Honey Badger doesn't care. He don't give a shit.
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Gerry Hatrić said...

I never understand the fascination with her or the Twilight saga, which my daughters made me watch - she's as dull as dishwater, and a suitable match for the movies

Ian C - Slap the Penguin said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Robert. I agree with your opinion of her acting in the Twilight movies. Kristen is not such a bad actress, but the role she played was not inspiring. The acting across the entire movie was a reflection of the poor writing by Stephanie Meyer.

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