Tuesday, July 2, 2013

8 Bit News - Spanish teacher fired over previous job

by +Alexa Rankin

8-Bit News
Welcome back to another 8-Bit News post, where we focus on the story not on the pictures. All the images in this post have been reduced to 8-bit format to avoid distraction from the important parts of the post.

Today we have an interesting tale of a teacher who was fired because of his previous acting career.

Spanish teacher, Señor Johnson was fired by the Arizona school district last week after news of his previous acting career leaked out.

Brad Johnson was indeed an actor in his past; a porn actor. He appeared in 7 adult movies before embarking on a radical career change to become an educator.

Senor Johnson - porn actor
This image needed extra blurring.
"The acting helped me pay my way through school," Johnson told us. "I always wanted to be a teacher and I became an adult movie actor quite by accident. I met a couple of really hot women in a bar who were on their way to audition for an adult movie. I went with them, just for fun, and all three of us were hired."

"I am not ashamed of my acting career, but I have learned that it is not conducive to being a Spanish teacher. I was always worried that if news of my past got out, then my teaching job would be history, and now that has happened."

Brad was 'outed' by some of his 11th grade students who recognized him while watching one of the movies starred in. They started calling him 'Seen Your Johnson' which caught the attention of other faculty members. 

Senor Johnson Teacher and Porn Actor
He became known as 'Seen Your Johnson'
This attention led to questions, which then led to a full blown investigation (ironically the title of his 3rd movie), and ultimately his suspension and termination.

The school board issued a written statement saying, "We are sorry to lose a popular and accomplished teacher, but the moral welfare of the children is a priority to us. The presence of someone with such a shady past jeopardizes the standards that we aspire to every single school day... We cannot have persons of questionable character teaching our children."

Johnson plans to appeal the school board's decision but is not optimistic about getting a reversal. He is also unsure about whether he would, if successful, return to teach at the same school with everyone knowing his porno past.

When we asked if he would return to his previous acting career, Brad was adamant that adult movies were in his past and that is where they would stay.

Brad Johnson's new adult movie?
JollyWood have already written a new adult movie for Brad
Brad is currently in negotiation with JollyWood Films, a local Arizona production company, who have a movie called 'A is for Ass' in the pipeline. Good luck, Brad

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