Sunday, July 15, 2012

What brings you here?

As part of our second anniversary 'celebration' I am looking at how most of you people got here. According to a trusted source, two thirds of you penguin slappers came via a google search, but what exactly were you looking for?
Actual top 500 'Keyword Cloud' from

A keyword cloud, for the uninitiated, displays all of the search terms which led people to this website. Click on the cloud to view the full size version. The larger the word, the more common the search term, so just a quick glance at the image confirms the perverted nature of our readers as suggested in the post Slap the Penguin readers are perverts.

The most disturbing revelation concerning the keyword cloud is the number of searches from people looking for Taylor Swift's breasts.
Yet another Taylor Swift's Boobs fake
After google, the most common path to our site is through referal traffic. Referal traffic includes social media like facebook and twitter as well as links from other websites. One fifth of all visits came through referals, with blogcatalog at the top, closely followed by stumbleupon, then reddit, facebook and twitter.

These are the sources which can lead to viral growth and ultimately the creation of internet memes, such as the Willy Wonka, where the basic image is adorned with humerous(?) text, or the infamous CIGAR GUY, whose face was photoshopped onto pretty much every album cover and famous picture available.
An example of an internet meme
The rest of our visitors fall into the Direct Traffic (DT) category. DT comes from visitors who click a bookmark or enter the URL (web address) directly into their browser. The target pages from these visitors does not vary greatly from any other segment discussed already.

The numbers indicate that about one third of you come to this site as a result of searching for things of a sexual nature (yes I am looking at you!)
"Yes, I am looking at you!"
Here is a poll for you to anonymously tell the other perverts world how you arrived at this page.


Janene said...

Tee hee! I saw Willy Wonka on Google+ and couldn't resist. Funny post, once again!

Ian C - Slap the Penguin said...

It is difficult to resist Willy, especially when it is the original Willy. I'm not sure if Johnny Depp's Willy would be as irresistable

Anonymous said...

i searched for taylor swift nudes

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