Monday, July 23, 2012

Jack in a box

Every liquor producer in the world is publicly encouraging us to enjoy their product responsibly and drink in moderation and yet their increasing package sizes send out a different message. The sudden increase in availability of numerous beer brands in the 16 ounce can format, which are quickly becoming known as 'pounders', suggest that alcoholic beverage producers want us to drink more.

The newest large format product due to be released upon the unsuspecting (21+) public comes from Jack Daniel's and will be known as 'Jack in a box'. Basically this is a 3 liter wine box but with 80 proof Jack Daniel's inside the bag, rather than Franzia White Zinfandel.
3 liter box of Jack Daniels Whiskey
Jack in a box - 3 liters of Jack Daniel's in a bag-in-box format
The marketing department behind this behemoth of booze are strongly suggesting the sharing angle when it comes to a 3 liter box of whiskey. "We are pushing this format as a social size, suggesting it for [adult] parties or for larger groups on camping or hunting trips." said Angus Brown.

We challenged Mr Brown as to the shelf life of a box whiskey compared to the more usual bottled whiskey. He told us, "The ageing process of a whiskey ceases when it is taken out of the barrel and placed in a bottle. The same is true for our whiskey which finds it's way into this new packaging. The bag inside the box is airtight and collapses as the whiskey is 'poured' ensuring that the liquid in the box remains fresh, fresher even than bottled whiskey, since it never comes into contact with air until it leaves the package."

We were not given any samples to compare the box whiskey to the regular bottled version, and maybe that is just as well since Jack Daniel's is not well received in the Slap the Penguin virtual office. Half of the team barely touch whiskey anyway, the other half are split between scotch whisky and top shelf bourbon, so the likelihood of any of us buying any Jack Daniel's, especially a 3 liter box of the stuff, is incredibly slim.

Surprisingly, nobody is going on record as being against this new, larger package, which is unusual because normally MADD have something to say about this kind of thing. Even after goading them, they were adamant that no comment needed to be made regarding Jack in a box.

Oh well, Jack in a box is due to be launched in the US in September 2012 and worldwide before Christmas 2012. Go bug your local liquor store and ask them to stock Jack in a box.


Anonymous said...

What about chemical leaching from the plastic?

Jasper Daniel said...

What about chemical leaching? Nobody is worried about BPA, it's the ABV that people are looking at

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