Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bubes Says - Adriaaaaaan

Hey Yo, I'm gonna be in a new movie. Ha fooled you, it's really me Michael Bublé. I was actually Sly's body double in Rocky II and Rocky III, but now he is too old and I can't pull off those sagging pecs anymore. So I won't be in the new Rocky movie.

Bubes Says - Adriaaaaaan
"There's not going to be another sequel"
It's actually a Rocky spin-off movie called 'Creed', and Stallone will be returning to the ring, this time to train Apollo Creed's son as a world champion boxer. Do not confuse this with 'Greed', which is why we had Rocky 3 thru 6.

Also, this new movie has absolutely nothing to do with the alternative metal band of the same name.

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