Thursday, July 18, 2013

New NBC game show tests your moral values

by +Tina Cruris

The new fall season on NBC will bring a whole load of shows waiting to get cancelled. That's why NBC have changed it from the Fall lineup to the FAIL lineup. One of those shows which will be lucky to get through half a season is a game show called 'Moral Values'.

NBC's new game show, Moral Values
Moral values - What are your morals worth?
The concept of the show is to pit two 'morally sound' people against each other in a kind of bidding war. Both contestants go head to head against the temptation of financial reward as the Moral Value Meter increases. The first contestant to sell out and hit the red button must then perform the morally challenging dare to receive the reward on the meter. Failure to do so means that the other contestant takes half of the reward and the 'sell out' goes home with nothing.

The Moral Value Meter will increase until an undisclosed maximum is reached and if neither contestant hits the red button then they both leave with nothing but their morals intact. Morals tested in the first show include revealing your x-rated internet history to your spouse, breaking wind in front of your boss, and coveting your neighbors ass.
Moral Value Meter
What wouldn't you do for $2130.49?
Winning contestants are invited back to compete in a season finale for a possible $1 million jackpot, but as the money gets bigger so do the moral challenges.

What are your morals worth?

How much would you sell out for? What wouldn't you do for $1 million? What moral line could you never cross, no matter the price? Share with the world in the comments section below.

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